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MylfXMandyFlores - Mandy Flores Mom And Stepson IV: Home From College

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Starring:Mandy Flores

There is a knock at my door, unexpectedly. I answer it to find you, my stepson, on the other side and I can hardly contain my joy. You've been away at college, and I figured you would stay with friends for the summer break. I give you a big hug and several kisses. We go into the living room to catch up, when you notice that I'm still wearing my wedding ring. Your Father recently divorced me for a younger woman, and you haven't been talking to him because of it. “Why are you still wearing your ring?” you ask. I'm embarrassed, not sure what to say. I fumble with my hands to try to hide it on my finger. “You couldn't understand, honey... for 20 years I loved that man. It's hard to let go and with you gone, I'm just so lonely.” I reply quietly. You tell me how all your friends think I'm a total MILF and I'll get a “ton of guys tripping over themselves to be with me, you'll see”. “Oh honey, that is so sweet of you, thank you.” I respond with a smile, “well, I'm sure you are tired from your long trip, we can catch up later.” ……... You are taking a shower and I come in to give you a towel. “Sorry, honey, it's your step-mom. I just remembered there weren't any towels in here, so I brought you one.” The fact that I can see you through the glass shower doors doesn't phase me. Normally, I wouldn't notice you in the way I just did as I was leaving. I catch a glimpse of your wet naked body and stop to look. Oh my god, what am I doing? I think to myself. I leave quickly before you notice me staring. Later on in the evening, you're resting in your old room. You've been in there since getting out of the shower. I keep finding myself making excuses to go into your room. Maybe he's thirsty, hungry..lonely too? I think and catch myself daydreaming. I'm confused about my feelings...I just can't help myself...I should have known better when I needed to fix myself up before visiting you..I, finally, work up the nerve and knock on your door..”Honey, are you sleeping?” I ask while cracking open your door. You invite me in, telling me you were just reading. I lay down with you joking about how we used to share the “big bed” while dad was out of town. I tell you how I really miss those days. I ask if I can stay with you tonight, then tell you you know how sad I am. You tell me: “Of course mom.” I ask you about your relationship and you tell me how your girlfriend just dumped you...just like me. “Guess we have that in common, Mom,” you joke. I tell you not to worry, because you are such a handsome young man. I start to feel you up, commenting on how good of shape you are in. I remove my robe to show you how I've been working out a little bit and maybe we can do some sessions together. I'm flirting with you, however, you don't object. You begin to stare at my legs and cleavage. I can tell you've never noticed how hot your mom really was. I turn over to get comfortable, then back up to lightly spoon with you. I bump up against your erection and get embarrassed. I know that is my fault and, to be quite frank, what was I thinking?. “I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just really confused,” I say. I go to leave but you stop me. You tell me it's okay and pull back the covers. I stare at your large erection in your boxers. You touch it and look at me. I know it's wrong and we shouldn't continue, but I can't help myself and I give in..... INCLUDES: TABOO – POV SEX – CUMSHOTS – BLOWJOB – DOGGYSTYLE – FUCKING – OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN – FACIALS – HANDJOBS – MILF

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